I've got a small python script to create css files (using PyScss). The relaxation from the website is PHP.

The live website is located on the linux server, however the code must also focus on Apple computers and Home windows machines (for development).

I made the decision that the traditional fashioned cgi script could be fine (the outcomes is going to be cached further down the road), prtially because my home windows setup (EasyPHP) does not appear to include mod_fcgid (I can not use mod_wsgi or mod_python in cases like this when i require a newer python compared to one included in the apache we're using). To get this work I desired to make use of ScriptInterpreterSource (wishing that linux/mac would certainly make use of the shebang), however when doployed around the linux server I recieve a mistake:

Invalid command 'ScriptInterpreterSource', perhaps misspelled or defined
   by a module not included in the server configuration

How do i get linux (and mac) apache to disregard the directive (or are you able to suggest another solution)?



<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
ScriptInterpreterSource ....

That directive would then simply be used when utilizing Apache on Home windows and overlooked otherwise.