I have used my website in IIS 7, and may browse into it fine on the internet server. I have place it to home windows authentication (only), so when browsing from outdoors the domain, I wish to be challenged for qualifications, and gain access when entering a domainusername &lifier password combination that is available within the AD.

401 - Unauthorized: Access is refused because of invalid qualifications. My iis logs

I put a dummy site in IIS and hang it to anonymous, I'm able to browse for this not a problem also.

I checked that home windows auth was installed/set on the net server, which is.

What group of config parameters should i understand this working?

*yes, I understand I ought to apply certain kind of custom authentication provider with accounts saved inside a database, but I'd rather not undergo that yet.

Thank you for any advice, words of knowledge.

I believe your only choice is make it possible for fundamental authentication. The consumer should then go into the full domainusername using the password. Beware though that fundamental authentication uses just base64 which may be effortlessly decoded. If you enable fundamental authentication make use of SSL/TLS too.