I'm presently on the hosting that is shared plan with iis 7.

I've an asp.internet mvc application within the wwwroot of my hosting. Now I designed a virtual directory to keep my webservice in(I'd rather not need to host this on the sub domain and pay extra)

However, if I put my web service code during my virtual directory and then try to run it I recieve this

Error Summary

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

The asked for page can't be utilized since the related configuration data for that page is invalid.

Detailed Error Information

Module  IIS Web Core

Notification    BeginRequest

Handler Not determined

Error Code  0x80070005

Config Error    Cannot read configuration file because of inadequate permissions

Config File ?C:HostingSpacesintSite.comwwwrootweb.config

Asked for URL   http://world wide web.Site.com:80/VirtualDirectory/Webservice.asmx

Physical Path   C:HostingSpacesintSite.comwwwrootVirutalDirectoryWebservice.asmx

Logon Method    Not determined

Logon User  Not determined

Config Source



I'm not sure exactly what the probelm is nor how you can repair it.

You can examine the permission from the user account from the apppool. Or you should check the safety property from the folder(C:HostingSpacesintSite.comwwwroot). Make sure the account from the apppool of IIS can see the folder a minimum of.

Cannot read configuration file because of inadequate permissions

This seems like the file is unreadable through the user that runs the net server. I don't know what type of tools Home windows hosting serivce provides, but you will have to set permissions on that enitre directory to become readable through the web server user.

You've your permissions set improperly. From inside DotNetPanel visit the file manager and hang the permissions for that virtual directory by clicking the "Lock" icon.