I have got three internet sites each using its own domain likely to my one Home windows Server 2008 IIS 7. web server.

  • example1.com
  • example2.com
  • example3.com

The website bindings for every:

IIS 7.0 Site Bindings example1.com

IIS 7.0 Site Bindings example2.com

IIS 7.0 Site Bindings example3.com

After I navigate to example1.com, i quickly see my example1 site.

After I navigate to example2.com, i quickly see my example2 site.

But, after i navigate to example3.com, I see my example1 site--not the example3 site I expect.

What's happening? Why might example2.com work, but example3.com fail?

Problem resolved!

I removed after which recreated the example3.com site within IIS and it is now working.

I did not change anything. It either initially were built with a simple typo or the action of re-creating it simply happened to repair a hiccup within IIS.

It's eliminate again once i setup additional redirects within IIS forcing internet sites to make use of sub domain names:

http://example1.com/ redirects to http://world wide web.example1.com/

I have again removed after which recreated the example3.com internet sites I have totally reset IIS I have restarted the server. Will still be no longer working properly.

I have figured it. It isn't an IIS problem. It is a DNS problem.

The example3.com visitors are for whatever reason forwarded to an internet server in a different company. THEY offer a webpage with only an HTML frame onto it. That frame loads a webpage using the address http://example3.example1.com. That is what I have to handle on my small web server.

I'd validate you have example3.com pointing towards the proper location on disk. Also ensure that it's not stopped.

The fallback to example1 is because of the binding entry without any header value.