I had been speaking having a friend by what IIS does whenever you put a brand new file in the virtual directory.

He explained that IIS recompile the whole website whenever you put personal files any place in the web site, It just happens (if happen) whenever you put personal files within your Bins folder.

The conversation comes just because a website in the organization is use to upload files however the files are save in the folder title "Letters" within our website, my pal states that each time someone upload personal files IIS will recompile the whole website. Is he correct?

It only recompiles whenever you add code that should be put together. I.e. adding new classes to Application_Code. It does not recompile whenever you simply save a picture or text file towards the website.

Simple to check. Start watching the JIT compile counters on the internet server... Browser around, then drop personal files inside it to determine the counters show.

I believe ASP.Internet only re-begins and re-compiles the entire site when bin devices, Application_Code or global.asax are transformed.

See this blog post for particulars of the new flag to optimize ASP.Internet compilation behavior.

Adding files to some folder inside the virtual directory shouldn't result in a re-compile (unless of course the folder is 'bin' or 'app_code'!)

Certainly is dependent in your version because: Gleam new hotfix that allows you optimize compilation so IIS recompiles less frequently, but I am unsure just when.

I Believe it was once that new markup will not trigger a recompile if you do not navigate into it (and rather navigate to a different markup file), and bin/dll/set up files will invariably trigger.

There's a establishing the equipment.config numRecompilesBeforeApprestart which signifies the amount of file changes that may occurr prior to the application will restart. The default is 15.

In non production conditions, It's my job to set that much greater so that you can modify aspx pages quickly without leading to the whole application to restart.

This can be what your friend is speaking about.