The initial URL: http://world wide

yet others for the reason that directory are actually at: http://world wide

The &quotURL Rewrite" module The URL Rewrite editor pane Editing the rewrite rule

We now have plenty of old links we do not control, however, that could indicat the very first URL. I've got a shared IIS 7 account which has an enabled "URL Rewrite" However, I'm getting difficulty using the actual implmentation. For instance, I am by using this matching pattern:

http://world wide*)$ and, based on the test dialog, it catches every demonstration of file for the reason that directory. Alternatively finish, I have specified a Redirect action, in which the redirect URL pattern is: http://world wide That appears like this must do it. I apply my changes, restart the application pool and... nothing comes about when I go into the first URL.


With large because of jcolebrand's input, I acquired this untangled:

To complete things i needed, you will find three fundamental steps for this process:

  1. Create an inbound rule in which the pattern matched up is basically any web request
  2. The "Condition" allows me specify which URL pathways to do something on
  3. The "Action" pane allows me perform the redirect

I used to be missing step #2, so I wasn't passing any functional information to step #3. Moving forward, some tips about what Used to do:

  1. Produce a new, blank inbound rule
  2. The "Asked for URL" pattern will match any URL posted
  3. Give a condition:
  4. Condition Input:
  5. See if input string "Matches the Pattern"
  6. Pattern: ^/(articlestechnical)/articles/(.*)$
  7. Make use of the "Test pattern…" to verify the pattern works not surprisingly. I additionally make use of the Test Results: Capture Groups for that backreference information.
  8. Under "Action" specify" Redirect, using the redirect URL being "/articles/"
  9. Redirect type: Permanent (301) which will help google regarding site indexing too

I didn't need to restart the application pool after making the above mentioned changes.