I'm attempting to compile the Apache FOP v1. library to some .Internet DLL. I adopted the instructions in: Using ApacheFOP v1.0 in .NET application

However, if i run the ikvmc command i recieve numerous alerts (that we can accept), after which a mistake:

System.ArgumentException: A Product with similar key was already added.

Can anybody point me in direction of how you can fix this? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Jay

It is really an ikvm regression within the development snapshot triggered through the unnecessary -reference:IKVM.OpenJDK.Core.dll. Should you remove it should work, but like Horcrux7 stated, -recurse isn't supposed to have been used such as this either. So that you can function:

ikvmc D:fopbuild*.jar -version:1. -out:D:fopfop.dll

Which alerts would you receive? Begin to see the ikvmc error messages. For that exception you need to provide us with the stacktrace and that which you do because the exception occur. Should also you are writing which ikvm version would you use.

Try NFOP, it doesn't rely on IKVM.