This is much more license related then technical, hope this really is Suitable for you.

There exists a website with fullscreen background images. Now we determined that the likes of istockphoto or shutterstock don't permit you to show images larger than 1200x800 online.

Are you aware: - exist some companies that do have licenses for fullscreen website skills? - exist technical methods to circumvent copying of images and because of this licenses which permit the protected utilization of employs-images?

To begin with, any image you'll display within an HTML based web-size can not be protected against being downloaded. You will find methods to make that task more complicated for novice customers, for example adding it as being a CSS background, forbidding the best-click, etc... however it will not resist more complex customers and firebug like tools.

Another possible option would be to include a copyright at the end from the picture making it so it's not visible within the fullscreen mode via CSS (result in the image bigger compared to screen), but it will likely be displayed once downloaded. An excellent example:

Finally, regarding getting licecenses for fullscreen website skills, you would be better of either creating your personal pictures if at all possible, or directly contact the writer from the photos to request when they accept it. Also various free stock market web-sites is available for example that might not provide the highest quality but a minimum of they'll fit your conditions. Alternative web-sites with free or public-domain photos: