An amount be the easiest method to put a picture map inside a joomla site? Will it be good to really make it area of the template or to really make it being an article?

When the image map is area of the design it should use web site. But most likely it will likely be area of the content or perhaps a module, so should use either of individuals two places.

I'm not sure off-hands if you're able to add a picture map with the Joomla editors (try JoomlaFCK if you do not have diabetes already, this is the most full-features). Regardless, you should use the origin mode or switch off the editor altogether and input raw Web coding.

It is also likely you will find plug ins will allow it to be simpler, try

Found the next that assisted out:

Instructions for setting up were a little confusing. Here are the steps I adopted to set up: 1. Copy files to plug ins/imgmap/

  1. Edit /plug ins/editors/tinymce.xml, after 'directionality' add lines:



  1. Edit /plug ins/editors/tinymce.php, after 'XHTMLxtras' add lines: if ( $imgmap ) plug ins[] = 'imgmap'

    $buttons3[] = 'imgmap'

    $elements[] = 'img[usemapclasssrcborder=alttitlehspacevspacewidthheightalignonmouseoveronmouseouttitle],map[idtitle],area[shapealtcoordshreftarget]'

  1. Add the next towards the "Extended Valid Elements" parameter: img[usemapclasssrcborder=alttitlehspacevspacewidthheightalignonmouseoveronmouseouttitle],map[idtitle],area[shapealtcoordshreftarget]

More particulars on which I attempted are here --->

You can only use HTML Map Manager (1.5.x) or HTML Map Manager 2 (1.7.x) - extensions which permit you to easily do imagemaps from the Joomla! component :)