I had been requested a job interview question where how do i know if a picture is originating from apache or weblogic. How do i determine if it's not an element of the war file?


Usually there's a particular rule inside the web server for static images (URI based) so simply by searching in the full Link to the look, you need to have the ability to know if it's from Apache or WebLogic.

When the Apache / WebLogic proxy-wordpress plugin configuration appears excessively complex, you can just try loading the look and tail the access logs around the WebLogic application server to ascertain if the look has been offered from this.

In the event that does not work, you are able to enabled the debug logs for that WebLogic proxy-wordpress plugin on apache and monitor the particulars of outgoing connections.

When the question meant, in the front-finish i.e. browser, do you know if the image was offered from Apache or Weblogic - it might be in the URL. I am presuming you do not have the weblogic logs within this situation.

Look into the source for that other Web addresses within the application, for example JSPs and JS files. Usually JSPs is going to be prepended through the web-application context-root URL, and when the pictures are offered from weblogic exactly the same context-root is going to be present.

If they're offered from Apache, then chances are it will don't have any context-root or perhaps a different context-root like /static