The Issue
I've got a web application where plenty of Image getting used.
I've produced another website ImageBank.
In application pool I have tried personally
.internet framework version: No handled cod
Handled Pipe line mode: Integrated.

I'm calling the pictures from the original website using static IP. But every time for any image request would go to that website.
Can One use cashing in some way for images (website)
I additionally desired to secure my Images. Means without logging to this site one can't access individuals images.

Can anybody suggest us a better method for carrying this out.

I've got a web application developed using asp.internet 4. and oracle.
This site includes a page which mobile like visual is displayed.
This site is split into two parts. One part contain script and the other contain images.
When user click any type of the script around the left images changes.
A brand new request image would go to image server.
When I told I've produced a Image server for images because I must utilize it in multiple application.
hope it's obvious now