So, I personally use functions imageline, imagegif and imagecolorallocate to attract some graphic. It really works perfectly in xampp, however, it does not operate in vps hosting. What must i enable at hosting that could work, because In my opinion there's problem exactly in hosting.

Thanks greatly.

P.S. British lesson: Should I only say in hosting or at hosting? :)

P.S.S. PHP GD has already been downloaded, but nonetheless, it does not work.

Well it appears that php_gd2 extension is enable inside your local xampp server although not inside your hosting server. Book the php extension list if the extension is enable in your hosting server. Whether it's not enabled then you definitely must request the admin make it possible for the extension making the gd functions workable.

Indicating the OS might have assisted to reply to the question better, php-gd or php5-gd may be the title from the package you're searching for.