I've installed wordpress on my small system, opened up up port 80 etc. and hang everything up. The website is okay and dealing now. You have access to it here - prnv.ins But as you can see the website does not stock up the theme and also the images correctly.

The website works fine enjoy it should, using the images etc on my small home network. Although not beyond that.

More information OS : Ubuntu 11.10 Webserver : Apache


As you can tell in the link, all of your images are going to 'localhost' as opposed to the domain title. Either use explicit domains or absolute pathways to consult your images inside your theme

your internet site is still setup to make use of localhost, which works fine on your pc but this is not on the internet. You have to get into your admin->settings->general and alter the website Address (URL) and Wordpress Adress fields.

Improve your Site &lifier Blog URL in Configurations > General Configurations. Your internet site is fetching images from localhost but individuals images are not prepared for www. Why your website works fine in localserver is your site images are positioned on localhost.