I'm a total newbie in servers/hosting etc, although I've some experience of programming in C,Java,etc. So pardon me if now you ask , 'absurd'.

I lately bought service from the hosting site,namely this(hostmds). I've some code I have designed in C++ and I wish to run it within the hosting site. So my real question is:

  • Is possible, or will I must rewrite my way through a brand new language?
  • What should my approach be?

Edit: I've got a Shared-Hosting account.

You'll have to obtain a "vpsInch account out of your host to be able to do that. This will allow you to compile your program in your host machine and run it basically as though it were another machine beneath your control.

What this means is additionally, you will result in preserving your own HTTP server program (for example Apache, if running on the Linux/Unix host), as well as your own database servers along with other support.

For those who have a "hosting that is sharedInch account (the most typical inexpensive option) with SSH support, you might have the ability to compile your program, as well as run it, but you'll be susceptible to the vagaries (capricious or else) from the managers of the system (it, you might find that libraries you'll need are removed or moved around)

Which kind of hosting is? What type of application is, could it be a daemon?

With respect to the quantity of access privileges you've, you are able to run the code within the cgi-bin folder or with the spend from the server.

With respect to the OS/compiler you've accustomed to write your code in you may have to change the main things to ensure that it'll focus on the prospective OS. You need to most likely add more particulars. :)

Many hosting services provide CGI/FastCGI/SCGI you can use for running C++ webapps. However, it is dependent in your host whether you are able to really do that, because it might be nearly impossible to find binaries built on another system to operate about the website hosting service (should you even can upload them to begin with).

On spend services and virtual servers you may also run daemons (that directly pay attention to a port), but especially on spend services you can't listen on low ports (..1024), for security reasons.

Observe that the least expensive hosting packages generally only allow PHP for the most part, so you'll need something more costly for additional access.

It is advisable to request the hosting provider for more information, because these things extremely vary from host to a different.