Can One deploy a django application with only write permissions inside a particular folder around the server?

For any recent work, I requested the admin to change the .conf for me personally (and install mod_wsgi that was not present), however it could have been a smaller amount painful basically might have used the application just by uploading the files. (on apache)

I do not cash knowledge about Django, it had been my first site, so I am wishing it's possible. The official documentation didn't bring it up though, however, StackOverflow may have heard better :).


Edit: I finished this specific job, hope for future years to possess simpler deployment.

Edit2: This appears just like a "nearly-exact" duplicate, so I am voting to shut this.

fast_cgi may be the only other sensible possibility, does the apache obtain that module loaded?

are you able to run your personal lighttpd or nginx or something like that and also have the apache perform a proxy rewrite into it?

If you cannot customize the .conf, you will have to put it together within the .htaccess file