I'm a newcomer to Tomcat. I simply handled to construct a task and released it as being a WAR file. I attempted by hand copying a WAR file towards the Tomcat folder then restarting. It produced the folder structure and everything however i obtain a 404 Status code after i attempt to achieve the applying. I attempted implementing it with the Tomcat Admin panel but I am seeing exactly the same behavior. Shall We Be Held doing anything essentially wrong?

My best guess is you haven't set up the welcome files inside your web.xml. If put forth /application/ you must have some default file available. Typically, people either produced a catalog.html code or they've welcome file configurations to suggest the consumer towards the correct jsp.

Presuming you have full rights using the Tomcat installation, try likely to http://localhost:8080/manager/html/, if you do not be aware of password to get involved with that area, search for the tomcat-users.xml file inside your ${tomcat-installation}/conf directory, which must have it. Whether it doesn't have records inside it then you will need to add an entry such as the following into it:

<user name="username" password="password" roles="admin,manager" />

Decide if the application turns up for the reason that screen, and when it will, click the link and find out in the event that will get you anywhere. Whether it does not, i quickly suggest following ifishers's advice, and searching in the log files to ascertain if it lists any errors.

But lengthy story short, probably something is messed up together with your project's web.xml

have you try


presuming your war is application.war?

edit for comment -- your web.xml is messed up.