I have to deploy an internet site on the website hosting server. I'm using ASP.internet with C# and SQL Server. This is actually the very first time i'm implementing any web site so help me and let me know the steps.. Also i've following questions:

  1. Whenever we purchase the web space, will we obtain the remote access of this machine?
  2. Are we able to use multiple databases?
  3. I'm presently using sql authentication for database access, can you really make use of the same authentication in hosting server too?

Sorry for wrong questions (if any)...and thanks ahead of time.

Good questions, but you have to request the host company, not us.

You will find companies who'll answer "Yes" to any or all three, but you'll most likely find you spend a little more to obtain a "yes" to question 1.

Even cheap companies (e.g. GoDaddy) provides you with a "Yes" for just two. and three. however.

  1. Should you basically purchase a hosting package, you'll manage your host space throw an internet-based management tool. Otherwise should you employ a server machine, you could have remote use of it.

  2. It is dependent around the package you purchase, so far as I understand, with package level 1, you are able to just use one database. You need to purchase a greater package for additional databases.

  3. The host provider provides you with the connection string to work with C# for connecting. A minimum of, they provides you with the database detail enough that you should connect.