I have lately arrived at where an ASP.internet MVC application I'm developing is able to be used towards the production server. I have exercised how you can publish the applying - I have got all of the files around the server, and may access them on the internet.

However, I can not see how to deploy my database. The server has got the SQL Server Management Studio Express installed, because the database used is really a SQL Server Express database. I've the server instance ready to go - I simply don't understand how to add the tables, etc. towards the database.

I've produced the "CREATE TABLE" scripts around the development machine, but so far as I can tell, Management Studio doesn't provide in whatever way to really run these scripts. I've looked through all of the menu products that I saw, and not one of them labored. Even while using "Create new query..." option and pasting the script in did not work.

After I try "File->Open..." and choose a script to operate, set the right database in the dropdown list around the plugin, after which execute the script, it gripes about not locating the database file (even if I set the USE [...] statement towards the correct path.

Removing the USE [...] statement, the script gripes it aren't able to find the [dbo].[Invoices] object however, it should not have the ability to think it is, because its attempting to create it!

tldr: What's the easiest method to make certain the database around the production machine matches the database on my small development machine?

EDIT: Among the scripts is online here. The output (following the first couple of lines were erased) is here.

The DATE data type was put in SQL Server 2008. Most probably, your production server is just running SQL Server 2005 which is the reason why you obtain the "Column, parameter, or variable #2: Cannot find data type date." error.

You will need to improve your data type to DATETIME (that is supported on SQL Server 2005).

Would you just mean schema or all data? If all data, I'd perform a backup in your dev macine after which restore in your production machine. Also, individuals types of errors as if you mention makes me question in case your scripts are correct. Perhaps you have looked through them to make sure that the right kind of script was produced? Have you produce a script for those tables and objects?