I've not had the opportunity to learn how to deploy multiple grails programs with Apache/Tomcat in which a virtual host is planned to every grails application

I'm able to have it to ensure that


works, but things i want is perfect for


to visit straight to my application. Lots of tutorial sites on the internet simply have you are making your internet application the "ROOT" one, but that will not operate in a mutiple grails-application virtual host atmosphere.

I attempted while using

<Host name="virtualhost1.example.com" ...> </Host>

tags within the tomcat/conf/server.xml file, however it did not appear to complete anything (and, yes, I restarted tomcat every time I transformed it.)

I additionally attempted everything I possibly could think about during my apache config apply for the virtual host, and could not get results.

So, how do i eliminate the application title within the URL after i have multiple grails webapps, virtual hosts, and I'm not going my webapp to become "ROOT"?

I am presuming that you're using mod_jk for connecting Apache &lifier Tomcat. If that's the case, You'll have to need to configure virtual hosting within Tomcat in addition to Apache (multiple <Host> terms inside your conf/server.xml)

This essentially implies that you will have two <Host ...> terms within conf/server.xml. They're going to have different names, and appBase, but you still need to title the war ROOT.war

The example they gave was:

<Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="ren">
    <Host name="ren"    appBase="renapps"/>
    <Host name="stimpy" appBase="stimpyapps"/>

After you have set up the DNS of the virtual '<host>s'(similar to Apache) you will need to put your ROOT.war(s) into separate folders rather than the default 'webapps' folder

This process works, but there's permanently using mod_proxy rather than mod_jk. I am not too acquainted with mod_proxy but essentially you'd possess the connector handle converting the main context towards the actual context. So after its set up it might proxy &lifier forward demands delivered to http://virtualhost1.example.com/ right context within Tomcat (/myGrailsApplication-0.1/)

Tell us that which you find! Other people do that with mod_proxy?