I wish to migrate from Joomla to Wordpress and my comment handler extension in Joomla is jcomment.

How do i import whole comment's data from jcomment to wordpress database?

This is actually the among the publish I discovered: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-joomlamambo-to-wordpress-migrator-migrate-comments#post-1990303 however i haven't any understanding of its usage :(

I don't know basically completely understand your question, but I will attempt to help here. Perhaps you have checked out recommended techniques on wordpress migration page? I do not have knowledge about jcomment however i think if it's just the publish and comment data that you would like to import, it ought to be easy. You are able to import your computer data to wordpress, although not its presentation, permanently reasons. But when you need to carry wordpress plugin specific data, for example rankings, you have to first come with an equivalent wordpress plugin in your wordpress site to know that data. It is best to sort through wordpress plugins and select a wordpress plugin that may replace jcomment for you personally. After you need to do your homework and find out if you will find any scripts avaiable that will handle the conversion and posting from the wordpress plugin specific data. Alternatively, you are able to write your personal script copying your computer data into wordpress database. Obviously, presuming that you can get the database.