Here's the offer. I've got a large class hierarchy and that i have that one method that's extended completely through. The technique always needs to take a look at a couple of more variable each and every new level which variable rely on the particular class within the hierarchy. What I wish to do is check individuals two extra variables then call the superclass's version of this same function. I wish to have the ability to define this work as all it's immediate children uses it, but I wish to pressure any kids of that class to need to redefine that method (because they're going to have to check out their new data people)

Just how would I write this? It's my job to use = within the .h file, however i assume I can not use might define it...

Really you are able to declare a work as purely virtual but still define an implementation for this within the base class.

class Abstract 

void Abstract::pure_virtual(int x) 

class Child : public Abstract 

void Child::pure_virtual(int x) 

You are able to give a definition for any pure virtual function. Check GotW #31 to learn more.