I am looking to get a queryset to problem its query on the different DB connection, utilizing a different cursor class. Does anybody determine if that's possible and when just how it may be done? In psuedo-code:

  # setup a new db connection:
  db = db_connect(cursorclass=AlternateCursor)

  # setup a generic queryset
  qset = blah.objects.all()

  # tell qset to use the new connection:

  # and then apply some filters
  qset = qset.filter(...)

  # and execute the query:
  for object in qset:


You could do from Django 1. on - the secret is by using a custom manager for the model and replace the manager's connection object. Begin to see the code at Eric Florenzano's publish at http://www.eflorenzano.com/blog/post/easy-multi-database-support-django/