I am focusing on a joomla ingredient that includes creating a schedule. On a day it must consider a algorithm (day each week, date of the season, kind of event) and return all the possible start occasions. It might seem sensible to possess a class that computes this stuff, but I am unsure they fit within the model or controller (and definitely not view) groups. Shall We Be Held supposed to produce a com_myproject/lib (or similar title) and also have joomla auto-load the classes?

I am a new comer to joomla and began using the framework/project provided at http://docs.joomla.org/Building_Joomla_Extensions_with_Apache_Ant.

You need to produce a assistant class. Take a look here to have an example, although it's for any module, however the same concept is applicable.

You might like to begin with Developing a Model-View-Controller Component - Part 1 tutorial and come using that manually. Using Apache Ant to understand how write extra time is much like going for a canon to shoot seafood within the barrel. It is possible but most likely not the easiest way to do it.

The Joomla! MVC pattern is extremely peculiar and hard to know. I do not quite comprehend it myself. I had been advised around the developer list to check out how other components constructed. You know what? The rest of the designers get it done in a different way, with a few of the bigger components searching like spaghetti code within their organization.

The majority of your component code ought to be within the controller, either included in the controller class or perhaps a separate class file that's imported in. You do not need another library directory unless of course you are focusing on a large component with multiple class files. This Joomla! thread may be relevant.