I'm using mysql

How frequently would you support your database?

How can you normally backup your database?

Export all data into sql or resumes format and it inside a folder??

Establishing a cronjob to operate a script that does a mysqldump and stores the dump on the separate disk in the database itself (or perhaps a remote server) is really a really simple and efficient method to backup a database for me. You can have it dump every database using the --all-databases switch

For those who have several MySQL server, you might use replication

Frequency of backup copies is dependent how much data you are prepared to lose just in case of the failure.

I personally use mysqldump:

mysqldump -uroot -p database_name > ~/backups/database_name-$(date +%s).sql

How Frequently - Is dependent around the activity and traffic you've in your Database.

I personally use phpMyAdmin after which click the export tab and export the database as .sql

you are able to achieve phpmyadmin by either localhost/phpmyadmin if you're running xampp/wamp/light etc or click the 'phpmyadmin' link inside your webhost's cPanel if you're hosting your webstie online.

I backup databases daily, using 'mysqldump [options] db_title [tables]', and export all data into sql. Obviously, this rely on how big your databases.

1.If you would like the simplest method to back-in the database you'll be able to go for phpMyadmin.

2.Should you prefer command line then follow by doing this.

You'd simply customize the path and filename to mirror the more knowledge about your brand-new backup file, like so: C: mysql -uroot -p [DatabaseName] < C:/backup copies/[backUpDatabaseName.sql]

3.Mysql dump. C: mysqldump [myDatabaseName] > [ExportDatabaseName]

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