I have to setup a server to make use of but i'm not sure worthwhile ones about the internet.. (haven't really drawn on into el born area before - my very first time..)

Have to be linux - based.

I learned about Apache but i'm not sure how to enroll in one as well as unsure if that's the perfect solution. Furthermore, heard about Linode (a personal VPS) too however unsure in the event that's what suits me best.

essentially i want the power for server to:

  • be linux (ubuntu)
  • can ssh into it while using command line via putty (or any similar tool)
  • can ftp involved with it (using WinSCP/FileZilla to transfer files/paperwork over backwards and forwards)
  • capability to have version control installed (ideally svn, git, as well as resumes)
  • can install many linux based programs..
  • capability to use a project wiki (like Redmine) onto it
  • capability to host websites (php-able etc..) i.e. an internet-server
  • establishing sub-domain names..
  • store files/assets..possibly need a file-server too? (files/folders/multimedias)
  • capability to have databases (database server): MySQL yet others...
  • optionally a mail server too: permitting the chance for setting up mails..

*prices matters not, however i'll be leaning towards cheaper offers

Any experts on server stuff choose to shed some light about this and supply some useful tips could be nice much appreciated.

Thank You,