I am while using SQL Server 2008 R2 version from the Database diagram tool. Search when i might, I can not appear to find away out to relabel tables within the UI. Is not really possible? Renaming a column is simple, but the only method I have had the opportunity to "relabel" a tables would be to recreate it using the new title, result in the appropriate foreign key associations, after which remove that old table.

thanks, Sylvia

Not a chance you cannot do this..nevertheless just click the table in Object explorer, hit F2 and relabel it

You'll be able to relabel the table. We are able to alter the title of been around table by using code.

EXECUTE sp_relabel 'oldTableName' , 'newTableName'

EXECUTE sp_relabel 'tb1' , 'tb2'

It truly work check it out.