I'm writing a DDL script to decrease numerous tables but have to identify all dependencies for individuals tables first. Individuals dependencies include foreign key constraints, saved methods, sights, etc. Ideally, I wish to programmatically script out shedding individuals dependencies while using system tables/sights before shedding the dependent table.

This really is very untidy to create on your own. Have you thought about a third party tool like Red-Gate SQL Dependency Tracker?

sp_is dependent isn't reliable see: Do you depend on sp_depends (no pun intended)

you can always sort through the syscomments table....that may require sometime though...

Would you reference sysreferences?

select 'if exists (select name from sysobjects where name = '''+c.name+''') '
+' alter table ' + t.name +' drop constraint '+ c.name 
 from sysreferences sbr, sysobjects c, sysobjects t, sysobjects r
 where c.id = constrid 
  and t.id = tableid 
  and reftabid = r.id
  and r.name = 'my_table'

Which will generate a great deal of conditional drop constraint calls. Should work.

You should use the sp_is dependent saved procedure to get this done:

USE AdventureWorks GO EXEC sp_depends @objname = N'Sales.Customer' ;