I've several mysql tables inside a database.

Presently I'm doing finishing test on my small website, and something would be to test huge db to determine just how much this affects performance (searching).

The web site is really a classifieds website. It might have a very very long time that i can place one classified at any given time to achieve a substantial nr.

And So I question, can there be in whatever way of spreading records in MySql, preferrably with phpMyAdmin?

Allows say I curently have 20 finished records, and merely multiply them several occasions and that i obtain a large db very quickly. Possible?

You need to know that my tables have foreign secrets along with other relations...

If you want more input tell me...


insert into mytable ( col1, col2, col3... )
select col1, col2, col3 from mytable
INSERT INTO mytable SELECT * FROM mytable

You shouldn't have to list out the fields individually, you may already know the dwelling will probably be exactly the same.