I've got a hosting that is shared account and i'm using Filezilla for connecting towards the server.

Underneath the public_html/items/ folder, you will find many subfolders as well as their folder names are encoded using PHP rawurlencode function, such as these:


However , I recieve 404 error after i access the files underneath the folders whose names contain non-ASCII figures (e.g. chinese figures).

What this means is I'm able to access URL like that one: http://my-domain.com/items/apple/index.html

Although not: http://my-domain.com/items/%E6%BC%A2%E5%A0%A1%E9%A3%BD/index.html

What type of an issue could this often be?

Thank you for you all.

When the folders contain physically urlencoded names, then you will want to make sure these names are themselves urlencoded inside your web addresses. Actually, when you produce a URL from the 'uncontrolled', potentially url-unsafe elements, you have to urlencode individuals elements.

Thus for those who have a directory named %E8%96%AF%E6%A2%9D

You'd make reference to it inside a URL with %25E8%2596%25AF%25E6%25A2%259D

Pretty, is not it?

One other way of searching only at that is the fact that if you use your overall urlencoded URL, exactly what the server really attempts to resolve is /products/漢堡飽/index.html