I went in to the wordpress 3.3.1 folders to ascertain if and what had transformed particularly re the jQuery-ui-dialog for enqueueing it.(I'm using admin_init, in the end it is incorporated in the admin area) Reason behind doing this was I possibly could not make use of the class title to create the choices around the dialog. i discovered the js files were in a different way named from what's utilized in the enqueue docm / help I've discovered. eg they're (within the wordpresswp-includesjsjqueryui" directory) now, all postfixed with .min eg jquery.ui.core.min, jquery.ui.dialog.min etc.

Question then,...Performs this mean what they are called utilized in enqueueing ought to be the same.?

eg wordpress_enqueue_script('jquery-ui-dialog-min') where prior to being wordpress_enqueue_script('jquery-ui-dialog')

One folder back (in jsjquery) the "jquery.js" continues to be named exactly the same.

I suspect the enqueueing leads to the next function using .dialog to fail (else the course title has transformed?)

         dialogClass   : 'wp-dialog',
         autoOpen: false,
         width: 400,
         resizable: false,
         modal: true,
         title: "One Popup"

The .dialog class doesn't respond / do anything whatsoever. Even attempted the $Mydialog = ....approach for setting it after init, but no luck there either

Any help could be greatly appreciated,..a number of days of frustration and seeking all things have didn't have success. Thx Neal

Codex still lists it as being jquery-ui-dialog, and so i guess thats correct.

Are you currently also enqueueing jquery and jquery-ui-core before you decide to enqueue jquery-ui-dialog?