How do i instruct Eclipse copying personal files from the Android means to fix an emulator, included in Run/Debug? I've got a small database, saved in Assets, that must accompany the applying. So far I've simply replicated the file myself using DDMS but would rather get it instantly incorporated. The project qualities let me specify some facets of the build, e.g. the build order and which libraries ought to be incorporated, however i aren't seeing anything about simply copying personal files.

May be the file inside your "res/assets" folder unavailable while using AssetManager class throughout testing versus throughout testing or when installed using a signed apk?

I personally use a sizable file which i store in "res/raw" in a single of my games, I can access this file throughout testing with eclipse with no problem simply using the standard calls to context.getResources().openRawResource()

Implementing databases together with your application it a reoccurring subject in the android-developers Google group here is a post having a couple of ideas around the matter.

Best of luck.