And So I downloaded and installed Apache's web server on my small PC (which runs Home windows 7 Home Premium).
I place the domain because the domain I registered ( when setting up
I set up the file to where my files is going to be.
Will I just write a catalog.html code file within the directory I set up it as being? Because after i do, and that i continue, the page turns up as "Oops! Google Chrome couldn't discover".

Exactly what do I actually do?

Appreciate searching!

Your WHOIS record implies that you've registered the domain just 24 hrs before. (

Usually, recently produced domain names will require up to 48 or 72 hrs to propagate through virtually all of the DNS servers around the world. So, you are able to wait for day, and appearance it again.

If till then it is not accessible, its about time to make contact with your registrar.