I have got a little of the problem, I am going to begin a 4-180 day project that will need offline support. AppCache rocks ! and recognized because the standard however the large browsers continue to be undecided concerning the database implementation with Opera, Safari and Chrome choosing for WebSQL (SQLite) and Mozilla and allegedly IE backing IndexDB.

I understand that Chrome will even develop an IndexDB option later on however i couldn't find any information on any release dates etc.

Now, in 4-6 several weeks, allows refer to it as November I wish to possess a system that supports most (doesn't have to become all) latest version browsers (presuming IE9 has gone out, FF4, and Chrome 6). I do not actually want to possess a indexdb/websql dual implementation. The idea of using localStorage like a large ugly blob database provides me with the shivers and that i want to not use Gears.

Exactly what do you, my esteemed co-workers recommend I actually do, what path must i follow? Which pill to consider?

Thanks All


i'd indeed choose (a.o.) localstorage. I authored a little evidence of idea of this kind of offline web-application captured (cfr. this blogpost and also the offline-enabled webapp here), the fundamental approach being

  • put data in arrays/ objects
  • use standard javascript functions to complete CRUD (or choose jlinq)
  • json-ify the array/object for storage
  • make use of a storage-abstraction library like persistjs to keepOr retrieve json-ified array/object

An alternative choice that's relatively well-proven is Adobe Air. http://www.adobe.com/items/air/

Illustration of applications utilizing it here http://balsamiq.com/ and here http://www.tweetdeck.com/

No it isn't standards based, however it has most likely the very best as they are functionality to have an application as if you describe.