Inflict tools exist to transform a OOP class right into a SQL DB Schema? This is for languages like C#, Java, c++ etc..

What about the other way round, developing a class from a DB Schema?

EDIT: I ought to happen to be more obvious. I'm wondering if you will find tools that may produce a schema of the existing class or group of classes that happen to be implemented as code.

The most recent Entity Framework does both. To .Internet code.

Here are a handful of videos:

You will find many tools which will produce a class (or group of classes) with different table or group of tables and several that is going to do the alternative. They are usually rather centered on a particular language and database.

There's additionally a whole class of frameworks that's designed like a go-between OOP code and databases, known as ORMs (Object Relational Mappers) - a few of the also known ones are Hibernate (Java) and nHibernate (.Internet).

Schema Export Tool is an excellent method how to develop a schema from types using NHibernate.

S#arp architecture provide tools for producing classes via T4 templates (Crud Scafold) from a current database.