I am just looking for a few recommendations maybe ideas how to deal with my very own small project that ive made the decision to complete to enhance in development etc.

What exactly i must do is really a small asp.internet website, something similar to social website, quite simple. The concept is the fact that my buddies can register there and that we can send messages to one another.

So you will see 3 pages: Like My Page, Search, Contact.

So now you ask , how you can i handle this type of website?

Must i simply make it as always aspx website ... or using MVC razor technique and so forth? I simply want to hear your thinking or help ... i'd really be thankful.

Another real question is: Basically have my page: in which a user has all his information and that he really wants to change that, is it feasible in some way simply to switch that page to edit mode or something like that if so then how must i get it done, what technique?

A lot of question and perhaps not too clearly, i have no idea however i attempted to describe.

Thanks ahead of time for just about any suggestions and help!