QUESTION 1 - What .Internet classes must i be searching at that helped me to read / update some data inside a database, but presuming I am not using LINQ or Entity Framework. That's should you drop to the core .internet framework do you know the key classes to make use of.

Particularly something which allows me access data from table X via utilization of C#/object type approach (instead of SQL)? I simply need to do such things as:

  • r1 = record from Table X in which the description = "abc"
  • r2 = records from Table X where TableX.ref_id =

QUESTION 2 - If there no existing .internet courses of instruction for this beyond likely to LINQ / Entity Framework, then can one request it is possible to way say, to perform a SQL search inside a table and identify 1 specific record, after which load this right into a .internet class that signifies the row? e.g. has got the same characteristics within the class instance as with the database? Which .Internet classes would allow me to do that. If the is not possible i quickly assume it's dependent on creating your personal data class and writing a manual function to load the information in it?


You need to use ADO.NET:

ADO.Internet is definitely an object-oriented group of libraries that enables you to definitely interact with data sources. Generally, the information source is really a database, however it could be also a text file, an Stand out spreadsheet, or perhaps an XML file. For that reasons of the tutorial, we'll take a look at ADO.Internet in an effort to interact having a database.