I simply began to build up website with mono+asp.internet mvc2 on macosx however i am quite a new comer to mono and mac.

I've got things working from MonoDevelop. My website is running comfortable with XSP after i run it from MonoDevelop.

Now, I'm attempting to test drive it from Apache server, however i don’t understand how to set some misconception. Some instruction I'm able to found are early or incomplete. I attempted a couple of of these, but none of them labored.

Could anybody please assist me?

The easiest method to install mod_mono on OS X comes from source. To get this done you will find a few steps.

First, make certain you've installed XCode (that exist around the DVD or even the second Compact disc that included the device or even the Application Store) which provides you with gcc and also the relaxation from the standard toolchain.

The majority of the normal in-between steps could be missed, presuming you've already installed Mono and MonoDevelop using their stable release packages. Should you encounter a mistake afterwards, you will want to install up-to-date versions of XSP and Mono and check out again.

Next, download the most recent stable discharge of mod_mono, extract the items in the archive (by double hitting the icon) and follow steps 1, 2 &lifier 3 within the INSTALL file, and you ought to be all set. This whole process required about ~a few minutes to obtain ready to go :)