I attempted and installed the JA Blazes ramp up template (including all of the modules and extensions, as proven within their live demo) for Joomla 1.5 on my small local server and all sorts of labored perfectly well, however when I installed it on my small domain server, the install sample data fails. I actually do begin to see the DB being up-to-date, however the installation never finishes. Installing sample data continues forever. It is possible to way I'm able to determine if something went/is-failing ?

Thanks ahead of time..

I believe there's some trouble with the php version of the server.. Try upload all files again and setting up..Whether it does not help mail me the php version inside your server &lifier localhost.

Sounds in my experience such as the reference to the db server is timing out. If you're able to exercise in which the sql files are saved inside the distribution (usually /installation/sql/ ) you can place the sql by hand using phpMyAdmin or in the command line.

When the demo installed fine in your local machine there's you don't need to 'install' it whatsoever around the remote server.

FTP all the files as much as the server. Use phpMyAdmin in your area to export the database Use phpMyAdmin around the remote server to import the supported sql. Finally edit the configuration.php file using the database particulars and pathways for that remote server.

Your final alternative is always to utilise Akeeba Backup or much like package in the site and move it from close to remote. This can be a fantastic tool that actually works around most memory limits along with other irritations on hosting that is shared.