I am getting an issue understanding the entire process of setting up the most recent version of Wordpress 3.1.3 which i downloaded from wordpress.org. Used to do try getting the aid of my linkedin group and from buddies, but no dice. They did attempt to help, however i still don't. It is a five step process and that i understand the initial step, however the next two steps have me confused, this really is in the readme.html file in the wordpress folder that included the download:

2.Open wordpress-admin/install.php inside your browser. It will lead you with the process to setup a wordpress-config.php file together with your database connection particulars: 1.If for whatever reason this does not work, don't be concerned. It does not focus on all web hosting companies. Open wordpress-config-sample.php having a text editor like WordPad or similar and complete your database connection particulars. 2.Save the file as wordpress-config.php and upload it. 3.Open wordpress-admin/install.php inside your browser.

3.When the configuration file is to establish, the installer sets in the tables required for your site. If there's a mistake, make sure your wordpress-config.php file, and check out again. Whether it fails again, go to the support forums with just as much data as possible gather.

I am wishing you could help here. Should you could know very well what I ought to do, please tell me.

You will have to first upload the files to some web visible directory. Once for the reason that directory, then you'll have the ability to visit the directory you submitted to set up.perl. For instance www.mywebsite.com/wordpress/install.php should you submitted the files towards the directory wordpress and managed to get web visible. Hope this can help.

Wordpress creates its very own structure inside a database in your server. This is when it saves EVERYTHING. That's the purpose of setting up.

Whenever you open wordpress-admin/install.php it's a wizard to set up wordpress. Essentially it creates this database table.

I'm presuming that you're getting a mistake with this particular. For the reason that situation they let you know to spread out wordpress-config-sample, and supply some good info. I believe that it is the title of the table in addition to a account information for that table, but that won't be correct. Regardless, you'll need that information to setup.
Without extra information I cant let you know a lot more.
Hopefully assisted.