Is it feasible for any Joomla extension to instantly produce a folder (event) under images -> /images/occasions/ once the user installs the extension inside Joomla Administrator ?

Within your component's xml file you will have to include the next attribute:


replace using the title of the component, this is often added just beneath the description attribute of the components install xml file.

Once it has been added you will have to produce a file known as "install.componentname.php", again replace componentname using the title of the component.

Inside this file add the next:


// no direct access
defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted Access');

// import joomla's filesystem classes

// create a folder inside your images folder
if(JFolder::create(JPATH_ROOT.DS.'images'.DS.'events')) {
   echo "Folder created successfully";
} else {
   echo "Unable to create folder";
} ?>

Package this up and install, the install..php file ought to be at the very top degree of your zip archive. Lastly you will have to add this file for your components file list, soon after the attribute add the next line:


When the folder is produced effectively, it'll say Folder produced effectively.

you are able to specify a custom php script to become run at extension installation inside your extension's manifest file [1, 2]. this script could make your folder /images/events/.

you will find some variations within the installer between joomla 1.5 and 1.6:


  • you are able to only do that for components, not for modules or plug ins
  • to specify your custom script, you apply the <installfile/> portion of the manifest file


  • besides for components, use a custom install script for modules and plug ins, too
  • make use of the [cde] portion of the manifest file

[...] i see another answer continues to be published. take a look in internet marketing for 1.5 for 1.6, use [cde] and take a look at , especially . the particular development of the folder remains being an exercise for that readers.