I'm focusing on an internet site build using ASP.Internet and C# for my company's intranet.So can you really integrate the Microsoft 'office' Communicator 2007 in ASP.Internet Page. i.e. the website should have the ability to supply the current status(avalible, busy , offline) of contacts so when a person clicks the username, the chat window should open.

Presuming the customer machine is running Communicator, Office and IE, undoubtedly the easiest way is by using the NameCtrl in client-side script - the example below should provides the fundamental concepts. This can also provide you with the most bang-for-buck when it comes to functionality. Hover within the "Your Contact" text to determine the persona menu appear.

For any real life solution, you'd simply need to implement a picture that changes with respect to the presence condition that will get came back (i.e. a name bubble to show alongside each customers title), and an accumulation of sip uris to images, to make sure you can map an incoming status switch to the appropriate image.

It's worth considering the Ajax/CWA solution pointed out within the other answer will not really use Lync Server (In my opinion Communicator Web Access isn't any more) so you'd have to alter the solution in case your company upgrades to Lync. I have examined the answer below, and delay pills work using the Lync Server RC.


var sipUri = "your.contact@your.domain.com";

var nameCtrl = new ActiveXObject('Name.NameCtrl.1');
if (nameCtrl.PresenceEnabled)
  nameCtrl.OnStatusChange = onStatusChange;
  nameCtrl.GetStatus(sipUri, "1");

function onStatusChange(name, status, id)
  // This function is fired when the contacts presence status changes.
  // In a real world solution, you would want to update an image to reflect the users presence
  alert(name + ", " + status + ", " + id);

function ShowOOUI()
  nameCtrl.ShowOOUI(sipUri, 0, 15, 15);

function HideOOUI()


<span onmouseover="ShowOOUI()" onmouseout="HideOOUI()" style="border-style:solid">Your Contact</span>