Hi I am creating a vehicle purchasing and selling website in php, presently what i am planning is the web pages and also the blog is going to be done using wordpress along with other benefits i'll become independent application and can hook it up with wordpress while using function.php file. Only user management and posting for page and blog will be carried out by wordpress.

Such as the database table is going to be custom. Is advisable? Am i going to enter into any bottleneck?

Admin are only uposting to news. Customers will publish their cars available after login. They are able to search and rate also...

Exactly what do you mean by "hook it up with wordpress while using function.php file"?

I have delevoped http://storelocator.no on the top of Wordpress. I have produced Wordpress templates that have custom code and retrieves data from it's own tables. By doing this I'm able to create pages in Wordpress and choose which template to make use of. Great for page navigation.

For pages that's completely separeted from Wordpress, however, you still desire to use Wordpress functions, just range from the following towards the top of the PHP file:


You should use Wordpress function to validate data rather than creating your personal validation code (it can save you time here). See available functions here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_template_directory_uri

To reply to your question, let us consider the most typical options:

  1. Build on your own
  2. Build using Framework for example Zend, Cake, etc...
  3. Build using Content Manager for example Joomla, Drupal, etc..
  4. Build using WordPress

Build on your own This is actually the most time intensive. The advantages include complete treatments for the database and code - possibly giving enhancements in speed and resource management. The cons would be the time for you to develop with a lot more time required for testing and debugging (since all the code is untested).

Build using Framework A framework provides you with the pieces you need to build the website. It offers most of the advantages of the build on your own option with no concern of 100% untested code. The only real bad thing is needing to make time to discover the framework and it is gotchas (every one has small things which will bite throughout the training curve).

Build using Content Manager WordPress isn't a true Content management systems like Drupal or Joomla. A Content management systems provides the ability for customers to edit pages (with permission) while permitting personalization via plug-in or code change. Like Wordpress a Content management systems might have plug-in functionality to complete all you need. However, if there's an issue you might end up debugging somebody's plug-in code.

Build using WordPress Wordpress is really a blogging service. It's now getting used inside a more Content management systems like fashion using the aide of plug-inches and developer know-how. For those who have a news site, blog, media site, etc... then Wordpress is great. If you're developing a site for purchasing and selling then you will find plug-inches to achieve that. However, you've still got exactly the same problems from the Content management systems for the reason that if there's a bug you might want to determine plug-in code to repair.

Conclusion: The thought of using anything apart from write on your own would be to accelerate development some time and result in the finish result more solid when it comes to pre-examined code. Wordpress is a superb platform and may be beneficial but when the only real factor being published is news a simple PHP blog class may have the desired effect.

If you are planning to invest allot of your time designing Wordpress (particularly the database) then I would suggest utilizing a Framework like Cake or Zend and writing the majority of it yourself. If you're writing a website to show media then Wordpress is a smart choice.