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What is the best way to communicate with a MySQL server?

It is possible to simple means to access and modify a mySQL database on an internet site or XAMMP using C/C++? How's this usually done? If your library is required, can there be one that's not very hard to compile and employ?


I've not used either, but there's a C API that comes with MySQL, and when you want C++, gleam C++ wrapper available.

From section 19.8 from the MySQL documentation:

The C API code is shipped with MySQL. It's incorporated within the mysqlclient library and allows C programs to gain access to a database.

Most of the clients within the MySQL source distribution are designed in C. If you're searching for good examples that relate ways to use the C API, have a look at these clients. You'll find these within the client directory within the MySQL source distribution.

-- this is often available at this URL http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/c.html