I am developing an ASP.Internet MVC website on the local Home windows Server 2008/IIS7 machine and am I am now trying to deploy it to my hosting company provider, ASPnix. I am utilizing their Shared Website Hosting service and also have been positioned on an IIS7 server that they claim supports ASP.Internet MVC.

However, after i deploy the applying as much as their servers, I recieve an "Internal Server Error".

Here's the Error Summary:

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

The asked for page can't be utilized since the related configuration data for that page is invalid.

Listed here are the appropriate servings of the Detailed Error Information:

Module: IIS Web Core

Notification: BeginRequest

Handler: Not determined

Error Code: 0x80070021

Config Error: This configuration section cannot be applied out this path. This occurs once the section is locked in a parent level. Securing is either automatically (overrideModeDefault="Deny"), or set clearly with a location tag with overrideMode="Deny" or even the legacy allowOverride="false".

And also the Config Source appears like this:

144:    </modules>

145:    <handlers>

146:    <remove title="WebServiceHandlerFactory-Integrated"/>

The mistake is from the proven fact that I've got a system.webServer section during my web.config file which has a handlers child section. The system.webServer section may be the exact config section which was laid lower automatically initially when i first produced the ASP.Internet MVC website in Visual Studio. It's the next XML comment above it:


The machine.webServer section is needed for running ASP.Internet AJAX under Internet

Information Services 7..  There is no need for previous version of IIS.


I go ahead and take handlers child section out, and also the 500 error disappears. Obviously, that section is needed to have an ASP.Internet MVC application to operate correctly in IIS7, so simply taking it only produces other errors (404 errors within this situation since routing does not work).

The support engineers at ASPnix declare that ASP.Internet MVC is installed and set up correctly in IIS7 on their own servers. I am not to imply I do not believe them because this is the very first ASP.Internet MVC site that I have built and used. However, I can not think about anything I possibly could do to make this happen because it seems to become a config problem at an amount which i don't get access to.

This problem has the aroma of it might be a typical problem with others attempting to deploy ASP.Internet MVC to some host company. Has anything encounter this either with ASPnix or any other website hosting companies and hopefully found an answer?


One odd factor. When researching this problem on the internet I've found lots of people saying they needed to set the overrideModeDefault attribute their applicationHost.config files of IIS7 to from "Deny" to "Allow". However, my local development server has this set to "Deny" and everything works fine. Nevertheless, I do not have the applicationHost.config file anyway on the internet host's server.

Open IIS Management, Underneath the primary server node, choose open Feature Delegation (in Management section)

"Handler Mappings" to "Read/Write" rather than "Read Only"

It appears much like your host company unnecessarily locked lower IIS.

I could recreate the issue on my small local IIS 7.5 server.

See this for any global configurations totally reset.

book should you used the application correctly : Implementing an ASP.Internet Server (IIS 7)