I've got a .Internet application that utilizes a database. I'm acquainted with how Rails handles database deployments where there's some scripts with an 'UP' and 'DOWN' method with some SQL in every to deploy/rollback changes for your database. The rake command will execute these scripts so as.

I had been thinking about an identical process for my .Internet application and was wishing there is such like already written. I do not think it might be difficult to write my very own to get this done process, however i was wishing to prevent re-inventing the wheel.

Thank you for any direction.

Try Migrator.Net if what you would like is rails-like migrations with simple up/lower techniques for adding/getting rid of tables, posts, indexes, secrets etc, and designed in C#/VB etc.

There's the Tarantino project, that aims to resolve this issue.

Visual studio supports a database project type which has folders that may contain "Publish-Deployment" and "Pre-Deployment" scripts to operate. MSDeploy will then be employed to execute these scripts (along with other DDL) throughout the deployment process. Here may be the documentation on MSDN regarding using Pre- and Publish-Deployment script definition.

At Red-colored Gate, we are presently building inside a migrations feature into SQL Compare and SQL Source Control. If you are interested and you would like a lot of how this works, please message me at David us dot Atkinson at red-colored-gate us dot com. We are keen to obtain some feedback on our ideas.