This might be a hopeless question - but when anybody has any ideas, even when it is a bespokely written solution

We are attempting to develop a concept for any simple program to transmit to people, backed with a database. In a simplistic level, you will see a "User" object, which merely has title and email. This program just enables anyone to edit the title and email, and all sorts of is nice

Only then do we want other designers to have the ability to add their very own fields, and write a "plug-in" to edit it. So, I have got a duplicate from the program, I have had the opportunity to create my wordpress plugin that contributes "comany title" towards the form - also it could standalone using the data layer, the main problem with this particular method is you finish up running two database instructions

choose title, email from user choose companyname from user

Ideally, it might be really awesome when the wordpress plugin to include something towards the datalayer to express, include companyname on user, then you definitely have only one command

choose title, email, companyname from user

Perfect...but exactly how

Applying for grants a postcard - or at best being an answer on here

How about adding an XML area to supplement data for your customers table, therefore the "wordpress plugin" programmer can also add data in it.

MS SQLServer (from 2005 version I believe) enables you to definitely query in to the xml in the primary query, so you might offer an access point for adding some conditions towards the where clause as needed.

So, should you always obtain the information in to the XML area, then your wordpress plugin developer will just read the values he wants in to the xml, and fill the controls he's produced.

I believe I have found as near as I am getting - Fluent NHibernate appears to provide a large amount of potential in this region