I'm a Java programmer searching to understand .Internet, particularly C# and F#, to enhance my employability. Toward this goal I'm creating an internet site that may have a couple of demo projects. My hope would be to learn C#/F# and also the .Internet framework by creating this site after which possess a finished product to self-advertise and also to show potential companies.

Things I need is a great host.

My focal points are cost, stability, and capacity. I would be prepared to repay close to $10/mo, however i don't actually want to pay a lot more than $5/mo. Stability and gratifaction need to be reasonable. I'd like use of all of the generally-used .Internet tools (SQLServer, LINQ, C#, F#, VB, MVC, every other stuff I would reasonably need that I'm not sure about yet). Essentially I do not fully realize things i want besides room for my projects to develop as my expertise develops.

EDIT: Some have expressed concern which i should not purchase time before my project is prepared-to visit. However, my hope is to buy up in under per month, so I am much less concerned about having to pay for time before that.

What time period have you got? I'd strongly suggest not buying hosting til you have assembling your shed prepared to deploy, since you may waste a couple of months of hosting money.

Nevertheless, I recommend DiscountASP. They remain on the surface of the MS stack very hard. I'd ASP.Internet MVC installed your day it had been launched, for instance, and they've lots of experience fine-tuning the atmosphere to fit your needs.

EDIT: To more clearly answer your question, ASP.Internet, MVC, Linq, SQL Server 2005 or 2008 (choice), SQL Server Express, etc. are preinstalled. I understand somebody that runs F# code there too, however i cannot say whether he asked for it. I know it is not costing him extra.

I am also just learning, and I am using reliablesite.internet for my asp.internet projects. There is a coupon section that's real simple to overlook, provides you with 80% off your first bill - and so i registered for any quarterly price of around $30, just having to pay $6 for my first 3 several weeks. Have a look, I believe they might right in your sweet zone.

For discountasp.internet, yeah, they're good, however the surcharge for MSSQL alone puts the price around $20 per month to begin, and you are limited to quarterly or yearly bills - no monthly. Essentially, $60 in advance.

Edit: One of the leading features that got me to sign onto this host, despite searching at tons of others, was the devoted application pools. Wasn't something I saw everybody offering.

I second ReliableSite.Internet

It is inexpensive and good. They can throw a totally free MS SQL 2005 database(1 GB- Extra DB costs $1) the other places charge $10/Month and provide you with less then 500MB of space.

I've found Reliable doesn't nickle and dim you for every factor and provides inexpensive price points and also have great coupons.

Such as this coupon for 15% off for existence: "aspforum"

My advice: If you're able to afford hosting an online machine in your computer, or utilizing a spare machine from a relative or friend, go as the "development server". Learn and deploy there, and when you're pleased with your projects, use the internet. Then, if you're able to afford a web connection 24/7 having a public IP addres, you may be your personal host! Services like no-ip give you a totally free domain re-forwarded to your personal machine.

Have you got an additional box? Why don't you just host it yourself off your online connection and employ dyndns to help you use cnames to suggest your domain for your server?

(I am unsure how common using F# is within ASP.Internet... or whether it's even possible.)

The candid answer is you canrrrt do that for $10 or less. The .Internet platform (except for Mono) runs under licensed software and to ensure that platform clearly is more expensive money for website hosts than deployments of Linux based systems.