I've got a website with Alexa Traffic Rank of ~21000, ~300 in Iran that's presently located by Subhosting on VPS-3 Linux Plan. It's apparent their services are affordable in compare of reliable companies:

Hard disk drive 150GB RAM 2048MB CPU 3 x 2.+ GHz Cores BW 2000GB 2 Insolvency practitioners FULLY Handled By $49.95 monthly

However we're on overload oftentimes. You will find there's large amount of Internal Server Error (500) and errors about memory on Cpanel and PHPmyadmin. Sometimes the web site is totally inaccessible and we're not able to even use of WHM.

They states: "Examining resource usage good reputation for your VPS, we are able to observe that VPS no longer has sufficient memory and procedures many occasions last couple of days. Because of this , for Internal Server Error. We'd recommend you to definitely upgrade VPS to next greater plan, VPS-4, to avail more memory and procedures.Inch

We began by VPS-1 of the company plus they offered us to upgrade step-by-step. the thing is description of how the say upgrade again. However think our VPS specs appears great for our website.

What is your opinion? Could they be cheating?! Can there be anyway to be aware what is actually specs in our VPS?

Are you aware a great and reliable company to become our host with this cost range?

thanks ahead of time

They might be being truthful.

Even when your website doesn't make use of the whole disk and all sorts of the bandwidth, there might be many accesses towards the database, scripts to re-size images, or scripts that aren't enhanced, which creates lots of processing, which could make the errors you pointed out.

If you are using frameworks or CMS's like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and so on, you are able to relief processing strain on your server through optimisation techniques, for example database caching and PHP caching (by caching the put together bytecode of PHP scripts with extensions like APC).

Particulars in: http://php.internet/manual/en/book.apc.php

You will find there's large amount of Internal Server Error (500) and errors about memory on Cpanel and PHPmyadmin

(Making huge presumptions...) Try turning the mistake confirming degree of php up which means you have more detail.

Look into the creation of phpinfo() to discover what your memory limits are really set to.

Is the application entirely custom, or are you currently with a couple type of Content management systems or framework?