I've got a website running on .Internet 2. at this time.

I've got a confirming tool which must run on a single webserver too, however it was designed in 3.5.

Can One produce a Virtual Directory under websites, known as "Reviews" and also have running against 3.5? Therefore the user can turn to http://domain/Reports ?

Tell me if the will not make any sense.

Absolutely. .Internet 3.5 is mainly an additional group of libraries on the service-packed version from the existing 2. runtime. As lengthy as is available used 3.5 completely (and repair packed it too, while we are in internet marketing), you ought to be fine.

While you will find new language features in abundance within the latest version of Visual Studio (eg, C3.), they are items from the compiler. All of your 3.5 applications will run, so far as IIS configurations are worried, within the 2. virtual sites/programs/application pools.

That sounds fine.

In IIS versions 6. and above you are able to assign your programs to various application pools where one can specify the right version of .Internet.