I had been once under the fact that Microsoft was focusing on the official, ruby-like, Migration framework. However, I've not been capable of finding any extra information (or perhaps the original supply of my belief).

Does anybody know any details about the official migration framework? or even a wide open source one?

This .Internet Database Migration Tool Roundup supplies a good rundown from the options.

The choices listed are:

  • Rails Migrations running on SQL Server
  • RikMigrations
  • Tarantino
  • Migrator.Internet
  • Machine Migrations
  • Subsonic Migrations
  • dbDeploy.Internet

Another alternative may be the Migrator.Internet project (sometimes of writing it's in version .7). You are writing migration classes using the following syntax:

using Migrator.Framework

using System.Data

namespace DBMigration

        public void Lower()



…and the migration classes run inside a consecutive order inside a MSBuild or NAnt script.

My talking to clients are using Migrator.Internet for a number of .Internet projects in production. Among my co-workers committed some substantial improvements to the project to really make it more production ready. There's certainly still room for improvement inside it, however it was the very best of the bunch whenever we made our choice last year.

Here is a another modern, popular one: Fluent Migrations

You will probably find the MultiFunctionMachine project helpful.

The entry regarding how to get began with migrations is here. This looks promising:

using System
using System.Collections.Generic
using Machine.Migrations

public class CreateUserTable : SimpleMigration
customers", new Column[] Title", typeof (string), 64, false, false),
new Column("Email", typeof (string), 64, false, false),
new Column("Login", typeof (string), 64, false, false),
new Column("Password", typeof (string), 64, false, false),

public override void Lower()

There's some quantity of support for migrations on view source project Subsonic, but that is not from Microsoft even when the project owner now works best for them. Us, rather.

Among the devs on IronRuby, I'm able to say with certainty the IronRuby project is not focusing on anything such as this -- why must we, when you are able already get migrations directly through ActiveRecord? :)

Just in case you are still interested, I have just launched Alpha 1 of octalforty Wizardby, a database migration framework.

Iv used Migrator.Internet .8 and Subsonic 2.1, which are meant to be two of the greatest nor is robust enough to for use for anything serious right now. Both need you to tweak the origin code to even get easy things moving.